Monday, July 17, 2006

click click click

what i did on my summer vacation
heard great music. ate yummy food. drifted distractedly, and lazed slackadaisically.

barbecued, giggled, imbibed, slept
ran, tangoed, wrote, wept.

i resisted the temptation to trade in the silver cloud for a less practical but sweet little car, darn it. but i did manage to hunt down my first pair of real tango shoes from a dance shop in SF, where i had to audition with an interpretive dance for the salesgirl to even show me the brand i wanted, so coveted and dwindling was their supply. and hurrah! they had my size! i'm taking them for a spin at cellspace on wednesday, if anyone would care to join me.

today, i am finally getting my taxes together while following the sad drama of the santa barbara news-suppress.


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